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We provide a wide range of goods and services to meet all our clients' needs. 


We understand the significance of a fully functioning warning device. With over 20 years of experience, we install, service and maintain a wide range of alarm systems, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality goods and services. Our security packages come with an all-inclusive service and maintenance plan.

We have a long history of collaborating with technology experts to create custom security and fire safety systems. A partnership that is assisting our customers in improving the reliability and upkeep of their electronic security systems.

From the initial site survey and completion of a risk assessment, we design a comprehensive security solution ensuring we provide the best option for your electronic protection solution for you and your belongings.   

Project management skills are balanced by a comprehensive knowledge of current and next-generation technologies, protecting your investment both now and in the future. We have a proven track record serving clients across a wide spectrum of industries with bespoke systems to enterprise-level solutions.

We install, service, and maintain the following brands: 

  • Integriti 

  • Concept 

  • Tecom 

  • Bosch

  • Texecom

  • DSC

  • Arrowhead 

  • Paradox

  • Risco

  • IDS

  • Micron


CCTV is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the security industry and as technology evolves, quality increases and costs reduce rapidly. In the past decade, we've seen the transition from analogue to IP. This provides many benefits, not least of which,  huge increases in picture quality. Gone are the days when identifying a person on a CCTV system was nearly impossible due to the low resolution on the analogue systems. Just like your smartphone, resolution has incrested significantly in the past decade and we can now provide cameras with high pixel density giving you sharp, clear video. 


Other benefits of the digital systems include technology like, number plate recognition, people counting, temperature measurement and thermal to name just a few. 


In order to provide our clients with the best possible experience, we only use high-end equipment, including:

  • Milestone

  • UNV

  • Bosch

  • Hikvision

  • Sony

Access control.jpeg

By preventing unauthorised entrance to a building, room, or location and shielding personnel from potential dangers like abuse and harassment, access control systems offer protection and aid in the reduction of crime.

Prosecure has the skills and experience in installing, servicing, maintaining and upgrading a variety of Access Control and Intercom systems ranging from small residential access control and intercoms to big commerical projects to mutli access apartment buildings.


Smoke detectors are lifesavers. Smoke alarms that are correctly placed and maintained help to reduce fire-related deaths and injuries. Smoke spreads quickly in a house fire, so you'll need smoke alarms to give you enough time to escape.

When a fire breaks out, our fire detection systems provide early notification, allowing you and responders more time to prevent damage.

Barco Control Room 14_preview jpg.jpg

Every second is critical in an emergency. Protect your assets, employees and customers with 24/7 alarm monitoring. When an alarm is triggered, audible and visual alerts warn of the emergency, while a signal is sent to our experienced monitoring partner Monitor NZ who will dispatch help, if needed.

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